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SensyBEE devices work as stand-alone vampire killers without external assistance, and with unlimited flexibility!

You may have a look at our video to learn more about the originality of our concept.

From our founder, Mr. Sami TEJ:


« Everyone should be aware of the need to fully shut off devices such as computers and home electronics when not in use, but they don’t necessarily do it (there is always a good excuse for not!)Fighting vampire power is now recognized by end users and consumers as the most positive trigger to “green” attitudes, for a healthier environment.

But this still does require efforts!!!

SENSYBEE products have been designed to particularly address this need in the simplest way: just plug it in and let it work, as it has the embedded intelligence to monitor energy consumption without any other programming need nor qualification (who can sincerely tell he knows everything about power sockets and electrical appliances?).


SENSYBEE plugs will automatically turn off power to any devices, eliminating all standby current instantly. SensyBEE is not another “box” or “smart-phone-APP”, it does the job without external assistance !

 The SENSYBEE plugs and sensors are recording every single event occurring, everything is stored locally (no need for external memories, drivers, hardware,) but it is permanently remotely accessible via Cloud services: there is no need for external assistance, no “grid” to program! Your smartphone stays in your pocket! Your tablet allows you to make alternative scenarios only if YOU want.”

Our new I-o-T concept has been launched during a crowdfunding campaign starting on INDIEGOGO on April 24, 2014.


SensyBEE by IDEOVITRA” is a brand neI-o-T concept which has been launched during a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO starting on April 24, 2014. We are pleased to provide you more insight details about this innovative concept which relates to:


The Internet of things, the green economy, energy savings, innovation, Home Automation, connected and intelligent networks…


The fast growing cost of energy, the intensive use of natural resources, environmental indicators going crazy… All of these factors are leading us to watch carefully our energy consumption and are forcing us to change our attitude in both private and professional sectors. In 2012 Mr. Sami TEJ has initiated a new concept called « SensyBEE by IDEOVITRA », and started its company with the help of Mr. Claude LEFRANCOIS, a private investor, with the idea of developing simple but smart and flexible solutions to minimize the energy waste at home, office, and in the industry.




 SensyBEE by IDEOVITRA is allowing to take control of all electrical and electronic appliances, with a huge focus on professional environment. The products allow to monitor the usage and take control of all parameters, such as killing vampire energy, supervising temperature and air quality, and helping in operations risk management.


SENSYBEE has a wide range of off-the-shelf smart items to offer:

> Metering and energy harvesting intelligent Plugs and modules.

> Sensors for environmental parameters: Temperature, CO2, Presence, Luminosity, Humidity...

> Sensors for alerts: smokes, fire, intrusion, shocks or movements, noise (permanent and peaks)

 > Gateways, USB Dongle, GSM Dongle


BEE Control : this plug has en embedded intelligence, it makes its own planning after an “auto-learn” period and can monitor energy usage; it can store data locally and be remotely controlled. 


Sensy RF : this multifunction wireless sensor can detect presence, temperature, humidity, movements, shocks, and it will report local situations to the plugs and additional devices from the SensyBEE network, in order to assign tasks in a completely automatic mode.