Since 25 years we have successfully run businesses around soft- and hardware material service, with a focus on infrastructure supervision for complex multi-site organizations.  



Over years, our innovation capability and professionalism have been challenged by a wide variety of users and customers such as small to large sized companies, key accounts and administrations from Alsace to Benelux, but also Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Hungaria and Portugal. Our team of about 20 engineers and service technicians is very skilled and passionate.



Our new company IDEOVITRA has been created with the purpose of developping break-through energy harvesting solutions, which could possibly change the way we perceive how to reduce waste of ressources in the Office, the Hospitality sector, and in the Industry.





From our standpoint, exiting « smart plugs » or « smart meters » are not so clever, in a way that the

user still requires attention (and dedicates some kind of its intelligence) to make full benefit of these.



IDEOVITRA's team has developped a range of sophisticated modules which can stop energy usage not only on owner's request: SensyBEE is proactively planning for you when a device can be totally switched off or not and does for you.



SensyBEE is an extremely sophisticated but simple-to-use energy harvesting technology.


Our range of interacting devices is for professional use only.We are not selling « fancy » devices but our promise is efficiency and reliability, with very little need for ressources and low maintenance cost.




We are pleased to dedicate this website to our customers and partners in distribution,

together let's change the way energy is monitored, and make a cleaner use of ressources !




Thanks for your attention and trust,


Ideovitra Managers.



CEO / Mr. Sami Tej.


Our Electronics Engineer Mr. Sami TEJ has 15 years’ experience in custom developments with communication and RF devices.


Sami is passionate about electronics, particularly the internet of things and "M2M". With his academic background  - "Masters in Electronics" -  his professional background and the dynamic team around him, he is working hard to turn our vision of the future into our realizations, taking care of permanent quality of the hardware development and production.



Founder / Mr. Claude Lefrançois


Our founder Claude LEFRANCOIS has run several computer and service companies and he has already successfully created other startups.


Claude is recognized for his entrepreneurial skills and his ability to federate the team. He likes to work hard and he is permanently challenging the team to deliver the rigth quality at the agreed deadline. His passion : develop and introduce new projects.