IDEOVITRA specializes in room control management with SensyBEE

______________Plugs and sensors for automatic energy waste control____________

IDEOVITRA is the developer and producer of “SensyBEE“, a complete range of connected and active devices, a total solution in energy management and sensors for the industry and private use.

Our aim is to provide a valuable technological approach to allow you to harvest energy and take control of your environment without sacrificing your comfort.

We are creating connected devices operating in one single networtk, helping you to supervise your entire private or business environment, in all SIMPLICITY!


SensyBEE by IDEOVITRA” is allowing to take control of all electrical and electronic appliances, with a huge focus on professional environment.


The products allow to monitor the usage and take control of all parameters, such as killing vampire energy, supervising temperature and air quality, and helping in operations risk management.


SensyBEE devices work as stand-alone vampire killers without external assistance, and with unlimited flexibility!